Are Winter Session Scholarships Available?

UMBC Winter Session Scholarship

  The Office of Summer/Winter Programs offers full and partial scholarships to UMBC degree-seeking students who have a high GPA and are close to graduating. Financial need (based on student’s FAFSA information) is also considered. Full scholarships cover tuition for one winter session course (up to 4 credits). Partial scholarships cover half of the tuition for one winter session course. Applying […]

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Featured Course: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 100

  To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate? How do you know that your experience of consciousness is the same as other people’s experience of consciousness? What makes you, you? PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy explores these questions (and more!) with an introduction to fundamental philosophical concepts and methods. Discuss intriguing […]

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How Many Credits Can I Take During Winter Session?

UMBC Winter Session Credit Limit

  Due to winter session’s compressed format (four weeks) enrollment is limited to a maximum of 4.5 credits. However, highly motivated and academically strong students can request permission to enroll in more than the designated winter course load limit. Strong candidates for approval will answer YES to the following questions:    Do I have a GPA of 3.5 or above? Do I have a […]

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