Featured Course: Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

What could be more fascinating than the human mind and its disorders?  PSYC 285: Abnormal Psychology explores mental, emotional and personality dimensions, as well as current diagnostic schemes, causes, and treatment and prevention issues.

Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is a clinical psychologist who brings rich clinical experience to the classroom, fostering personal understanding and critical thinking about important mental health problems.

How is disorder different from “normal”?  What historical and cultural factors affect classification, experience of mental illness, and social stigma?  Why should all people understand mental illness?  The answers to these questions and more are well-within your reach.

PSYC 285 is offered during the 2016 Winter Session, and fulfills a Social Sciences general education requirement (GEP). PSYC 100 with a C or better is a prerequisite for this course.

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