Featured Course: Gender and Inequality in America

Gender and Inequality in America


Gender inequality has a huge influence on everyday life, whether we notice or not. The most glaring example of gender inequality exists in the workplace, in the form of occupation and wage. In 2015, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that women earn an average 20% less than their male counterparts, despite holding more college and graduate degrees. This is due, in part, to gender occupational segregation – choosing an occupation based on cultural norms or work-family balance needs.

What causes this segregation and disparity in pay? Does it extend beyond differences in gender?

In GWST 310 – Gender and Inequality in America, students will examine the ways in which gender roles and gender relations are constructed and experienced in American society. Special attention is paid to the ways in which gender-based experiences are divided by other social relations, particularly those of class, race and age. The course will introduce students to core concepts in gender studies and histories of inequality by way of a series of case studies rooted in issues facing Baltimore City: housing and city development; labor, immigration, and incarceration ; and LGBT neighborhood cities. Students will learn about these issues through readings, online and in-class discussion, and applied experiences in the city.

GWST 310 is a hybrid course (face-to-face meetings and online coursework) that fulfills the Arts & Humanities GEP requirement. This course is cross listed as AMST 310.

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