Featured Course: International Negotiation

POLI 483


We live in a complex global environment, characterized by state actors, non-state actors, and transnational issues and forces. In POLI/GLBL 483: International Negotiation, students will work on contemporary case studies, including the Iran Nuclear Negotiations, the US-Cuban Rapprochement, and the Global Climate Talks. The exploration of negotiation as a high stakes game will feature conceptual material on issue salience for multiple stakeholders, the influence of public opinion and media agenda-setting, and the challenges of protracted conflicts to diplomatic resolution. This hands-on course features a multi-party negotiation simulation on the involvement of Shell Oil in the Niger River Delta.

Presented in a flexible hybrid format, POLI/ GLBL 483 meets in-person on Wednesday evenings, augmented by online work. It is a cross-listed course and will count as an upper-level elective in both Political Science and Global Studies.

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