Featured Course: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 100


To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?

How do you know that your experience of consciousness is the same as other people’s experience of consciousness?

What makes you, you?

PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy explores these questions (and more!) with an introduction to fundamental philosophical concepts and methods. Discuss intriguing topics such as the existence and nature of God, the relationship between mind and body, personal identity, the relationship between free will and determinism, moral responsibility, the nature and possibility of knowledge, causality and the nature of reality.

Offered as a 4-week Hybrid Course during Winter Session 2018, PHIL 100 emphasizes the formulation and evaluation of philosophical arguments, and may draw upon historical as well as contemporary readings.  PHIL 100 also fulfills an Arts & Humanities GEP

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