Featured Course: Modernism

ART 323: Modernism

Have you ever looked at a Salvador Dali painting and wondered how he came up with such extreme ideas? Or marveled at cubism, one of Pablo Picasso’s most influential visual art styles? If you can answer YES to these questions then this course is definitely for you! During ART 323, students will survey the development of modernism in the visual arts, beginning with European movements in the late nineteenth century, and continuing to the artistic movements of the first half of the twentieth century.

All historical developments regarding art will be considered with a specific focus in key developments in American modernism, such as the Harlem renaissance, the Armory show, and abstract expressionism.

This course is offered as ART 323, and fulfills a general education requirement (GEP) for Arts and Humanities. You must have completed ART 216 or ART 221 with a grade C or better.

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