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Featured Course: Special Topics: Business Ethics

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According to a 2012 study conducted by the Ethical Compliance Initiative, 45 percent of U.S. workers witnessed some sort of misconduct in their workplace – over half of those workers reported their observations. Shockingly, 22 percent of those who reported their observations, also experienced some sort of retaliation.

What constitutes misconduct in the workplace? What can we do about it? What should we do about it?

Investigate these tough questions through a moral perspective in PHIL 399B – Business Ethics.

Assess moral problems involving appropriate workplace conduct, the banking industry, and sustainable development using ethical theories. Course investigations will focus on the role of common sense ethical concepts such as happiness, duty and obligation, and virtuous character in evaluating business conduct and other related issues.

PHIL 399B is hybrid course meets twice a week in person (with a significant component completed online).

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