Featured Course: Ways of Knowing

An interdisciplinary approach to complex issues facing us today.

The critical challenges of our time involve a tangle of disciplines: from pollution to crime, cancer to climate change. Tackling those problems requires knowing how to effectively integrate different areas of knowledge.

“Ways of Knowing” provides interesting, fun and wide-ranging experiences in constructing big-picture analysis of the important issues facing us today. Using real-world examples, you’ll practice creative thinking and problem solving by learning how to integrate complex information across multiple disciplines. It helps students transform the way they think, learn and write.

Professor and philosopher Jim Thomas, who was previously featured in the Baltimore Sun as “one of the most popular college instructors in the nation” teaches the summer course. He is known for “pushing students to laugh and think” and INDS 330 will be no exception.

  • Develop critical thinking & problem solving skills
  • Integrate and analyze compelling cross-disciplinary issues
  • Transform how you think, learn, and write
  • Fulfills upper level GEP writing intensive requirement
  • Hybrid course – reduced in-person class time with a portion offered online

Ways of Knowing – INDS 330
Session II – Six Weeks
July 6 – August 14
Mondays, 1:00 – 4:10 PM

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