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Chris Peregoy has been capturing photographs through both traditional and digital formats for over 30 years, often blending the two to create truly unique pieces. His work has been seen and recognized across the world, throughout North and South America, Europe, and Japan. He has received a National Endowment for the Arts InterArts grant and two Maryland State Individual Artist Grants. At UMBC, Mr. Peregoy is a program specialist within the photography department, where he assists students as they navigate Photoshop, print in the darkroom, or have questions about pretty much any aspect of photography.

He is known as the man who knows everything about photography, says Amy W., a current UMBC student. “He really knows his stuff and is constantly learning his craft. A student could ask any question about any of the topics he teaches (among others) and he will have an answer. If a student has a problem, he normally knows exactly how to fix it. If he doesn’t he will go out of his way to help find the solution.”

Knowledgeableselfless, and dedicated: these are just a few of the words some of Mr. Peregoy’s former students used when describing him. He will drop anything he is doing to help a student,” says Kaytee N. “Passionate students are what he lives for. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have seen him still in the building late helping students.”

This summer, Mr. Peregoy is teaching ART 369-Topics in Photography, a course that focuses on the Wet-Plate Collodion process. The unpredictability of the process produces images that combine super fine sharpness with an ethereal mix of artifacts and imperfections. While this process is quick, it is also extremely sensitive and fragile.

However, don’t fear! Mr. Peregoy is a phenomenal teacher, says former student Alexis C. “If a student is even slightly on the fence about taking a class with Chris, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to do so. You will be given some assignments that may be challenging, but he formats them to encourage creativity and to help you grow as an artist. Yes, they will require time, but with his help and guidance they will be something that you’ll be very proud of.”

ART 369 is six-week course offered during Session I of the 2016 Summer Session. It is also a small class with limited number of available spots.

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