Featured Faculty: Greg Ealick

Greg Ealick


“Winter courses tend to be slightly ‘off-the-wall-er’ than those offered in Spring and Fall, so they ought to appeal to students motivated by curiosity above and beyond the obvious goal of satisfying degree requirements.”

– Greg Ealick, UMBC Department of Philosophy

I have been teaching for something like 25 years.I have master’s degrees from The William Marsh Rice Institute and from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Philosophy Shapes Young Minds

One thing Philosophy students get really good at is expressing their feelings, guesses, intuitions, etc. clearly and developing and defending them. This turns out to be an incredibly valuable skill in the “real” world.

Workplaces are like other places; some conflict is inevitable. The person who can shape that conflict constructively tends to win it.

Winter Session 2018


I am teaching two courses: PHIL 248 – Introduction to Scientific Reasoning and PHIL 251 – Ethical Issues in Science and EngineeringI think both courses are unique in that they encourage thinking about things that most of us take for granted most of the time.

“Science is not some monolithic world view that comes complete with a creed. It’s a process, and we’ll appreciate it better if we can understand the process better.”


Winter courses are highly efficient, of course. They also tend to be much smaller, which allows for individual attention in a way that simply can’t be offered the rest of the year. There’s something rewarding about one class having all of your attention. It’s a very different mode of learning, and one worth trying.


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  • This philosophy professor emphasizes the value of critical thinking and clear expression in Philosophy courses, which can benefit students in the workplace. His Winter Session courses offer unique opportunities to explore scientific reasoning and ethical issues. Plus, smaller class sizes allow for individual attention. dreadhead parkour, who wouldn’t want that kind of personalized learning experience?

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  • Winter courses offer unique and intriguing subjects that attract students driven by curiosity, beyond just fulfilling degree requirements. Philosophy equips students with valuable skills to express and defend their ideas, which proves advantageous in handling conflicts in various settings…

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  • This Is great to see, One thing Philosophy students get good at is expressing their feelings, guesses, intuitions, etc. clearly and developing and defending them. This is an incredibly valuable skill in the “real” world.

  • I Agree with This Quote: “Science is not some monolithic worldview that comes complete with a creed. It’s a process, and we’ll appreciate it better if we can understand it better.”

  • Let me Tell You with this Corecct sentence about this paragraph “Winter courses are highly efficient, of course. They also tend to be much smaller, allowing individual attention in a way that simply can’t be offered the rest of the year. Something is rewarding about one class having all of your attention. It’s a very different mode of learning and one worth trying.”

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