Featured Faculty: Dr. Robert Anderson

Dr. Robert Anderson

  “My best teaching memories involve students writing or visiting after graduation, to talk about life, how their learning stuck, or changed their thinking in salubrious ways.” – Dr. Robert Anderson I began teaching in 1975 and have been at UMBC since 1987. I would describe my teaching style as collaborative, focusing on personal understanding, critical thinking, and real life application.  I […]

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Winter Housing – Can I Stay On Campus?

UMBC Winter Housing - Can I Stay On Campus?

  A question we frequently receive is “Can I stay on campus during winter session?” The answer is…it depends. Students living in nine-month housing, such as Potomac Hall or the apartments, can certainly stay on campus in January. The same is true for students living on some floors in Harbor Hall. If you are not sure about the closure policy in your residential […]

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Featured Course: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 285

  Throughout history, mental illness has been conceptualized in a wide variety of ways, often strange or humorous in retrospect – divine retribution, demonic possession, witchcraft, astrological influences, and imbalanced humors.  Patients were feared, shunned, banished and subjected to bizarre, often abusive treatments which nonetheless stemmed from accepted conceptualizations of the time – like exorcism, cold baths, centrifugal devices, and […]

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Featured Course: Concepts of Emergency Health Services

EHS 200 - Concepts of Emergency Health Services

  Every day, thousands of paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and other healthcare workers nationwide provide emergency and primary healthcare to patients outside of a hospital environment. Working in a high-stress and fast-paced environment, the level of medical care, staff qualifications, type and condition of ambulances and supplies are all important aspects of what goes into Emergency Health Services. This winter, […]

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