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There is nothing quite like curling up in front of the television and watching your favorite team play. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind the scenes, both leading up to and during the broadcast?

“The five P’s of sports television: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

– Mark Wallace, Television Sports Director

There is a lot that goes into every television broadcast. It takes a small army of hard-working individuals to pull off a successful show- camera operators, sound technicians, broadcasters, sideline reporters, and, of course, a director. Television sports production is difficult, and ever-evolving along with technology.

“Some day we’re gonna have interactive television where you can pick the shot that you want. Because right now, the only thing that you watch is what the producer or director decides to show you.”

– John Madden, Former NFL Broadcaster

What does the future of sports production have in store? Get an inside look and learn the ropes on broadcasting, marketing, and visual production behind collegiate sports in MCS 370 – Sports ProductionStudents will have the opportunity to assist in the production and direction of game broadcasts on ESPN3, learn about camera operations, work in-game marketing entertainment, observe the facilitation of sponsorship’s, and contribute to the creation of post-game highlight packages, among other tasks.

“Not many 18-22 year olds get the chance to work an ESPN broadcast.”

– Zachary Seidel, MCS 370 Professor

“Students are getting real hands on experiences working broadcast TV. The standards for ESPN3 are the same as any Disney television platforms and our crew has excelled in multiple areas.”

– Dustin Roddy, UMBC New Media Studio

MCS 370 counts towards the New Media and Applied Communication elective for MCS majors and may be repeated for up to a total of 6 credits.

Successful completion of MCS 222 is recommended before taking MCS 370.

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