Featured Faculty: Steve Caruso

Steve Caruso

  Inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic, and motivational: these are just a few of the words former graduate teaching assistants (TAs) used to describe UMBC Biological Sciences senior lecturer Steven Caruso, Ph.D. “For me he is an example of commitment, motivation and love towards teaching,” said Margarita Correa Mendez, who was previously Dr. Caruso’s TA.“He is very creative and his class is unique in […]

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Featured Course: Neuroscience of Resilience

Summer 2015 – Neuroscience of Resilience “Resilience” through the “Mind-Body” Connection …How life stress affects our health and well-being thru brain mechanisms …How can two people experience the same stress or trauma, and one emerges ‘unscathed’ while the other lapses into depression? …Why do identical twins with the same DNA have different personalities and develop different vulnerability for diseases triggered […]

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