Featured Course: Modernism

ART 323: Modernism

Have you ever looked at a Salvador Dali painting and wondered how he came up with such extreme ideas? Or marveled at cubism, one of Pablo Picasso’s most influential visual art styles? If you can answer YES to these questions then this course is definitely for you! During ART 323, students will survey the development of modernism in the visual […]

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Featured Course: Dance Appreciation

DANC 101: Dance Appreciation

What do ballet, the bachata, and ballroom dancing all have in common? Put your best foot forward this winter and earn Culture GEP credit with Dance Appreciation (DANC 101). Explore and compare the social and cultural genres of dance in present and past societies across the globe through their movements, practices, and purposes. Each student will have the opportunity to learn […]

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Featured Course: Magic & Witchcraft

ANCS 350: Magic & Witchcraft

Register for ANCS 350 and discover the western tradition of magic and magical thinking. Learn about magic and witchcraft as it was practiced and understood by the inhabitants of ancient Greece and Rome, and its contribution to modern legends of the supernatural and paranormal. Explore ancient stories of demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, sorcery, and witchcraft. ANCS 350 concentrates on the practical magic and curses used daily in the ancient Mediterranean, and its connection […]

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Featured Course: International Negotiation

Never has the need for international diplomacy seemed more pressing. The international community is struggling mightily with interstate wars, civil wars, ethnic conflicts, climate dilemmas and the resultant migration flows. This fascinating course in three weeks, will provide you with a hands on approach to international negotiation through case studies and a multiparty negotiation exercise. Key conceptual notions include two-level […]

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