The Benefits of Online and Hybrid Courses

Winter Session 2017 Online & Hybrid Courses


UMBC Winter Session 2017 offers students the chance to catch up, get ahead, and GRIT going. Taking a winter course allows you to earn credits during the “off season,” which can help you graduate on time (or early) while lightening your spring course load. Still, many students forgo winter or summer session, instead opting to work, take on an internship, or go on vacation. But what if you could do it all? Winter Session 2017 offers 66 online and hybrid courses that allow students to maximize their winter break.

Online Courses

According to Harvard Business School professor, who specializes in the study of technology’s impact on education, online courses allow what was once “inaccessible” to become “convenient and accessible.”

This winter, examine race and ethnic conflict, crime and delinquency, population and inequality in SOCY 201 – Social Problems in American Society. This online course fulfills the Social Sciences GEP.

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Hybrid Courses

“Hybrid classes make it possible for a student to manage their time with ease,” said one student in response to a 2015 survey by CENGAGE Learning. “It’s hard going to school full time and working full time. Hybrid classes have made this possible for me.”

This winter, study the economic theory of consumer behavior, production and costs, the firm, price, distribution, general equilibrium and welfare in ECON 311 – Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis. This hybrid course meets MoWeFr 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

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