Featured Course: Studies in Popular Culture

Summer 2015 – Studies in Popular Culture What do summer blockbuster movies, guilty pleasure TV shows, online video games, and social media share in common? They’re all part of American popular culture. While often dismissed as “only entertainment,” American popular culture is a huge economic force that shapes and reflects how we think about virtually everything. Using examples from film, […]

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Featured Course: Asian Philosophy

Summer 2015 – Asian Philosophy This summer, find enlightenment and broaden your world view. Asian Philosophy explores the major philosophical and spiritual traditions of India, China and Japan. In just six weeks, you’ll learn about the guiding principles of Hinduism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and many more. You’ll discover the conceptual relations between various Asian traditions and the importance of […]

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Featured Course: Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World

Summer 2015 – Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World Has “Game of Thrones” made you wonder what really went on during the Middle Ages? Find out this summer. HIST 362 examines the cultural, religious, economic and political changes that shaped Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean region a thousand years ago. It was a world of titled nobility, armored knights, feudal […]

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