Featured Course: American Society & Culture in Film (Sneak Peek)

We’re so excited about our Winter 2016 courses that we want to tell you about them before registration opens on October 26! So here’s a sneak peek at one of our Winter courses. Check back often for more!

What do the movies Wall Street, Forrest Gump, Crash, and Coming to America all have in common? They all relay and reveal American society and culture, and they all entertained millions of viewers as examples of America’s most enduring pop culture form. Learn how to analyze American society through its films in just three weeks as you explore the relationships between Hollywood images and issues of cultural change, political ideology, race and gender, labor history, and community continuity in the U.S.A.

This is a great opportunity to understand the American culture and how it displays itself and other cultures in film in ONLY three weeks.

This course is offered as AMST 322, and fulfills a general education requirement (GEP) in the Arts and Humanities.

Registration Opens October 26!


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