Featured Course: Be a Socialpreneur

ENTR 340


We, as millennials, are a HUGE wave of future entrepreneurs who’ve made ‘doing good’ a priority. As a result, social entrepreneurship is on the rise. Thanks to the Alex Brown Center at UMBC, you can master your social conscious business skills this summer in ENTR 340: Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving and & the Socialpreneur.

With the guiding help of professor Gib Mason, the class will be an immersive hands-on experience, assisting a local organization in developing solutions to very real problems. The course will also consist of guest lectures and readings about innovative problem solving.

This course is considered an upper elective for the entrepreneurship minor, and students must have completed ENTR 200 and either ENTR 201, AMST 205, SOCY 205, or POLI 205.

This inspiring course is only offered every other summer.

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