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Last summer’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage had a tremendous impact on our nation. This ruling, however, merely scratched the surface in terms of sexuality and gender identity in our country. We must continue this important conversation and dig deeper, paying special attention to intersections of sexuality with gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, and disability.

GWST 210: Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies introduces students to the field of critical sexuality studies. Using an interdisciplinary approach, GWST 210 conducts a critical inquiry into the historical precedents and theoretical frameworks necessary to understand the role of sexuality in shaping personal, social, economic, and political life. GWST also focuses on patterns of subordination and exclusion based on individuals’ sexual practices and identities, explains the origins and persistence of those patterns, and considers ways of challenging them.

GWST 210 is a 6-week, hybrid course that fulfills the Culture and Social Sciences GEPs, and is part of the Culture & Social Justice course offerings. GWST 210 is cross-listed with AMST 210.

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