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Nahom Nega



By Nahom Nega


“We’ve become a nation of drug and alcohol addicts, and it is destroying millions of lives and families, and harming countless communities and cities.” – Jeff Nesbit, U.S. News

The negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse is staggering, and it only seems to be getting worse. A 2016 report from the Surgeon General claims the country spends $442 billion a year in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.

“Alcohol and drug misuse and related disorders are major public health challenges that are taking an enormous toll on individuals, families, and society,” according to the Surgeon General’s report. “Neighborhoods and communities as a whole are also suffering as a result of alcohol- and drug-related crime and violence, abuse and neglect of children, and the increased costs of health care associated with substance misuse.”

SOCY 374: Drugs and Alcohol in Society provides an overview of the causes and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse from the sociological perspective.  

Examine how society, family, peers, ethnicity and the media influences drug use, and discover the historical framework of certain individual drugs.

Explore theories of addiction, theories of use, use within subcultures, drug policy, and the relationship between substance abuse and crime, as well as discuss/debate a variety of controversial topics such as the effectiveness of the War on Drugs, harm reduction, and legalization.

SOCY 374 is a completely online course.

Register October 22 – January 2.

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Nahom Nega


Nahom Nega has been a marketing intern at the Division of Professional Studies since August of 2018. He is a sophomore Media and Communication Studies major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Nahom is also a writer for the Retriever as well as co-founder of OCA Mocha, a entrepreneurial student led initiative to foster a relationship with local communities.



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