Featured Course: International Negotiation

Never has the need for international diplomacy seemed more pressing. The international community is struggling mightily with interstate wars, civil wars, ethnic conflicts, climate dilemmas and the resultant migration flows. This fascinating course in three weeks, will provide you with a hands on approach to international negotiation through case studies and a multiparty negotiation exercise. Key conceptual notions include two-level games and mediation approaches.  Whether you aspire to be a global diplomat or would just like to improve your negotiation skills for interactions with your professors, boss, colleagues or classmates, this course will set you on a path to success.

Special topics include the role of the media in agenda-setting, the importance of non-state actors in the 21st-century diplomatic arena, and the challenges of public goods issues in international and transnational negotiations.  As the American presidential election season heats up, these topics are both timely and terribly contentious.

This course is offered as POLI 483 (cross-listed with GLBL 483) and is a hybrid course, which consists of face-to-face sessions on Wednesdays and online content.

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