Featured Course: Selected Topics: Atlantic Revolutions on Film


Fears about government being run by an autocrat. Battles over freedom of the press. Concerns about immigration, illegal voting, and foreign influence in politics. Mass resistance movements springing up across the land. Protest marches through city streets. Town hall meetings erupting into shouting matches. Citizens considering one another the enemy, sometimes coming to blows. Acts of terror. The specter of war.

It’s not today. It was 200 years ago. It was America. It was also France, Haiti, Mexico, and the rest of Spanish-speaking central and South America.

Two hundred years ago, the Atlantic basin was rocked by an “Age of Revolutions,” where one colony and country after another ousted old leaders and systems of governance in the name of liberty and established new ones promising to expand freedom.

This course explores those revolutions through film, examining the “founding myths” that each new nation produced and how these different stories of revolution shape our understanding of the past and the present. Join us for a course where you watch and discuss movies and learn to analyze how film portrays history.

HIST 355 – Selected Topics: Atlantic Revolutions on Film is a 4-week, online course offered during Summer Session I.

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