Featured Course: The Ancient World in Modern Film

The Ancient World in Modern Film


Modern cinema often shapes our understanding of the past – both good and bad. But just how historically accurate are our favorite films? Are modern directors more interested in wowing audiences with over-the-top theatrics and CGI effect instead of portraying a historically-accurate account of the ancient world? Are you not entertained!?

This summer, ANCS 350 – The Ancient World in Modern Film explores the way in which modern films interpret and represent ancient Greece and Rome to modern audiences. By comparing source materials (many of which were popular entertainment in their own day) with their film counterparts, students will gain a better understanding of the creative choices made by artists inspired by the past, and explore how we too might use history to inspire art.

Films covered will include Prince of Egypt, Clash of the Titans (1981), 300, Quo Vadis, Gladiator, and the Japanese film Thermae Romae.

ANCS 350 is a six-week hybrid course offered during Summer Session II.

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