Featured Course: The Politics of Poverty


According to Feed America, 43.1 million Americans or 13.5 percent of the population lived in poverty in 2015. The Cato institute tells us that federal government spends $668 billion on social welfare programs each year. Combine that figure with state and local spending, and our country contributes $1 billion to counteract poverty annually.

But where does that money actually go? How is it distributed? Why does the U.S. address poverty this way? And most importantly–is it working?

This winter session, tackle all these questions (and more) by enrolling in POLI 446:  The Politics of Poverty and the Welfare State.

Compare U.S. welfare policy with thatfrom other nations. Study poverty and the welfare state from ideologically diverse perspectives. Investigate how the politics of Congress, interest groups, the bureaucracy, and federal-state relations affect the formation and implementation of social welfare policy. And brainstorm new ways to address poverty in America.

POLI 446 is a Writing Intensive (WI) GEP course, and is offered entirely online.

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