Featured Course: Topics in Political Science: Legal Advocacy 2: Moot Court


The Supreme Court is an important institution within our justice system. Recently there have been several United States Supreme Court cases dealing with controversial issues such as women’s reproductive rights, affirmative action, and immigration. These kinds of court cases have the potential to change the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands, of people.

This summer, show off your legal knowledge in a simulated Supreme Court case in POLI 409 – Topics in Political Science: Legal Advocacy 2: Moot Court. Students who take this class will learn how lawyers and the justices approach these cases and build skills valuable to careers in public service or success in law school.

POLI 409 aims to teach students how to analyze court cases, how to construct a legal argument, and how to build public speaking skills. Students will then present their arguments and respond to questions and feedback from their classmates.

POLI 409 is a four-week hybrid course offered during summer session II. This course only meets face-to-face once a week so there is required online work for which students are responsible.

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