Featured Faculty: Dr. James Crossland

Dr. Crossland UMBC


 “I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to teach music in various contexts and styles and share my experiences with students.”

– Dr. James Patrick Crossland

Dr. James Patrick Crossland is a trombonist with a resume overflowing with accomplishments. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and a DMA in trombone from the University of Minnesota – and those are just his American credentials. Dr. Crossland has also earned three international performance degrees: one from the Royal College of Music in London, and two from the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen, Germany.

Before joining UMBC’s Music Department in 2013, Dr. Crossland has performed with a number of American and European orchestras and ensembles and has appeared as a soloist across Europe and North America. He has also received German and American rewards for solo performances, including the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award.

“My hope is that my passion for the material becomes infectious.”

This summer, Dr. Crossland will teach two online courses that depart from the technical aspects of music: MUSC 100- Introduction to Music and MUSC 336: The Beatles: Career, Music, Culture, Innovation, Impact. He is especially excited about the Beatles course, which he says will give him “an opportunity to share my love of their music with others!”

MUSC 100 is a four week course offered during summer session II that allows students to examine the relationship between music and the listener.

MUSC 336 is an eight week course offered during summer session I. A lifelong fan of the British quartet, Dr. Crossland is excited to be teaching MUSC 336 for the first time.

Both courses are offered online and fulfill the Arts and Humanities GEP requirement.


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