Featured Faculty: Dr. S. Peter Resta

Dr. S. Peter Resta


“I think it is fair to say that I am quite enthusiastic about what I teach.”

– Dr. S. Peter Resta, UMBC Department of Psychology

The first psychology course I ever taught was circa 1981 and I have been teaching at UMBC as an adjunct assistant professor for the UMBC Department of Psychology for about 10 years now. I received my bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Mt. St. Mary’s University; master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Social Work from Loyola University and University of Maryland, Baltimore; and my Ph.D. in Human Development from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Life Lessons in the Classroom

I frequently have been sent emails from past students who are in graduate school & have told me that what they learned proved to be a real asset in their graduate studies (in sociology, psychology & social work). Perhaps the primary skill I hear about relates to CRITICAL THINKING, which I always emphasize in all of my courses! 

I try to include some relevant content about which students may otherwise be unaware. Whenever appropriate, I include personal anecdotes from various clients & patients with whom I have worked over the years.

Winter Session 2018

Winter session is incredibly time effective and convenient. My course only lasts about a month!

I am teaching PSYC 345 – Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. This course focuses on clinical interviewing; intellectual and personality assessment; the diagnosis and classification of psychopathology; and theories, techniques and research concerning a variety of therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, Gestalt, person-centered and cognitive/behavioral.

“This course will prepare students for later graduate work in clinical psychology”


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