Featured Faculty: Dr. S. Peter Resta

Dr. S. Peter Resta UMBC


“I think it is fair to say that I am quite enthusiastic about what I teach.”

– Dr. S. Peter Resta, Ph.D.

Dr. Resta has been sharing his enthusiasm with UMBC students for the past ten years as an adjunct assistant professor for the Department of Psychology. Along with his enthusiasm, Dr. Resta brings a fountain of knowledge, with advanced degrees from various Maryland universities in clinical psychology and clinical social work, as well as a Ph.D. in human development.

“I try to include some relevant content about which students may otherwise be unaware.”

In the classroom, Dr. Resta combines his knowledge and passion with unusual, but relevant content. He also places a heavy emphasis on critical thinking in his courses, a skill, Resta says, that former students have said to be “a real asset in their graduate studies.”

“Social Psychology is what I call a ‘linkage’ discipline/course because it is related to so many other fields. The course content truly does relate to everyone, regardless of major!”

This summer, hone your critical thinking skills and experience Dr. Resta’s passion firsthand in PSYC 340 – Social Psychology, a 4-week course offered during Summer Session II. PSYC 340 analyzes the methods behind the study of human social phenomena, focusing on the relationship between the social environment and individual behavior.

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