Jin’s Favorite Places to Study

UMBC has a variety of locations for your studying needs. Here are just a few places I like to go for peace and quiet:

Six floor Library Alcove

The sixth floor of the library holds an alcove with various comfortable chairs and a lovely view of campus. Warning, the chairs are very comfortable. I may have drifted asleep once or twice. Also, please note that the sixth floor is an “Absolutely Quiet” floor.

photo 4

Sherman Hall (1st floor)

My second favorite place to study is the space under Sherman Hall. If you go up the stairs next to Starbucks you an find an opening with scattered chairs and tables. Feel free to hold group study sessions while enjoying the great weather.


Math/Psych study desks

I also go to the Math/Psych building for the individual study desks. If you need a place to buckle down and need a private space this is the place for you. Not to mention, there are vending machines in close proximity and Starbucks is just across the way. Just make sure to bring earbuds.



– Jin Kim, 2015 Summer STEM Ambassador


  • Remember that you yourself are the best secretary of your task, the most efficient propagandist of your ideals, the clearest demonstration of your principles, the highest standard of higher education that your spirit embraces and the living message of the high notions that you pass it on to others. Do not forget, also, that the greatest enemy of your noblest achievements, the complete or incomplete denial of the sublime idealism that you proclaim, the discordant note of the symphony of good you intend to perform, the architect of your afflictions and the destroyer of your lifting opportunities – it’s you.

  • Sallie Hutchings

    These last tables for individual studies are perfect for large libraries and also for the home decoration of student republics, they were very beautiful.

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