Featured Course: Neuroscience of Resilience

Summer 2015 – Neuroscience of Resilience

“Resilience” through the “Mind-Body” Connection

…How life stress affects our health and well-being thru brain mechanisms

…How can two people experience the same stress or trauma, and one emerges ‘unscathed’ while the other lapses into depression?

…Why do identical twins with the same DNA have different personalities and develop different vulnerability for diseases triggered by the environment?

The neuroscience of “Resilience” helps us understand how the brain controls our emotional, cognitive and physiological responses to stress, which ultimately impacts the body’s immune system.

This special topics Psychology course focuses on how the Mind-Body Connection can influence our well-being, or increase our risk for psychiatric disorders and mental health problems.

Recommended for psychology and biology majors, those pursuing careers in health care or human services, or anyone who seeks to better understand the mind-body connection. This hybrid course is at UMBC’s Shady Grove campus in Rockville and is open to both main campus and USG students.

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