Summer Student Poll: What do You Love about Campus in the Summer?


For Summer Session 2016, we hit the streets and began polling students (online and in-person) about various aspects of campus life. Recently, we asked students a simple question, “What do you love about campus during the summer?” We received numerous great responses, but with 48% of the votes, the thing students love most about UMBC during the summer is (Drum roll, please)……More Available Parking!

Despite 7,250 parking spaces on campus, students often struggle to find parking during the spring and fall semesters. Summer, however, is a different story. During Summer Session, the modified zone plan allows student permit holders to park in Zones A, B, or C. Think of the possibilities!

Why We Love UMBC Summer SessionOf course, convenient parking isn’t the only reason students love UMBC during the summer. 18% of students remarked how much they enjoy how pretty campus is in the spring and summer months, and 15% believe summer classes are easier to manage with smaller classes sizes and a smaller overall course load.

Check out the amazing classes we have to offer (including a number of hybrid, online, GEP, and evening courses) and be sure to participate in our next poll on our Summer Session myUMBC page or at our table on Commons Main Street.  Come on over and say hi!

As we like to say: Catch up. Get Ahead. Grit Going


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