Featured Course – Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient World (ANCS 350)

    By Nahom Nega   “Magic’s about understanding – and then manipulating – how viewers digest the sensory information.” – Teller Long before David Copperfield, Harry Potter, and Gandolf, there was Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient World. This January, ANCS 350 offers you the chance to explore the ancient Greek and Roman roots of modern supernatural/paranormal legends (demons, […]

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Featured Course: Magic & Witchcraft

ANCS 350: Magic & Witchcraft

Register for ANCS 350 and discover the western tradition of magic and magical thinking. Learn about magic and witchcraft as it was practiced and understood by the inhabitants of ancient Greece and Rome, and its contribution to modern legends of the supernatural and paranormal. Explore ancient stories of demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, sorcery, and witchcraft. ANCS 350 concentrates on the practical magic and curses used daily in the ancient Mediterranean, and its connection […]

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