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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Summer Student Poll: How to Stay Cool during Summer Session?

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While everyone at UMBC is cool, we wanted to know how everyone stays cool during the summer in between classes. For Summer Session 2016, we hit the streets and began polling students (online and in-person), asking them, “How do you stay cool during Summer Session?” After all, Maryland is known for its hot and humid summers. We’re sweating just thinking about it. […]

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Featured Course: American Culture in Global Perspective

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AMST 352

  Facebook. Fast food. The TV show Friends. The consumable objects and activities that make up what we call popular culture or consumer culture circle the globe millions of times every day. In the process, they carry images of “the good life” recognized around the world as the American Dream, both shaping and reflecting the complex technological, political and economic […]

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