Featured Course: Ancient Science and Technology

The first recorded observations of comets, solar eclipses and supernovae came from the Chinese. We can thank the Greeks for gears, screws, catapults, and crowbows. The Romans were pioneers in civil engineering and built a highly sophisticated  urban civilization. The ancient Egyptians developed simple machines, such as the ramp, to make the construction process easier (After all, the pyramids weren’t built […]

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Featured Course: The Ancient World in Modern Film

The Ancient World in Modern Film

  Modern cinema often shapes our understanding of the past – both good and bad. But just how historically accurate are our favorite films? Are modern directors more interested in wowing audiences with over-the-top theatrics and CGI effect instead of portraying a historically-accurate account of the ancient world? Are you not entertained!? This summer, ANCS 350 – The Ancient World in Modern Film explores […]

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Featured Course: Ancient Greeks

  The rise and fall of ancient Greece has provided the bases of many things we take for granted in the modern word. For example, the first historians and mathematicians developed their crafts in reaction to the the shift to empirical thinking and reasoning. Additionally, the democratic political and judicial system was used to organize society, while poetry, theater, and […]

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