Featured Course – Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient World (ANCS 350)

    By Nahom Nega   “Magic’s about understanding – and then manipulating – how viewers digest the sensory information.” – Teller Long before David Copperfield, Harry Potter, and Gandolf, there was Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient World. This January, ANCS 350 offers you the chance to explore the ancient Greek and Roman roots of modern supernatural/paranormal legends (demons, […]

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Featured Course – Television in American Culture (AMST 320)

AMST 320 - Television in American Culture

    By Nahom Nega   It’s safe to say that television in some way shape or form has influenced a large majority of the country directly and indirectly. Television both in the 20th and 21st centuries is among the most influential technological mediums due to its profound impact on a variety of topics such as advertising, entertainment, and communication. […]

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