Featured Course: Selected Topics: Atlantic Revolutions on Film

  Fears about government being run by an autocrat. Battles over freedom of the press. Concerns about immigration, illegal voting, and foreign influence in politics. Mass resistance movements springing up across the land. Protest marches through city streets. Town hall meetings erupting into shouting matches. Citizens considering one another the enemy, sometimes coming to blows. Acts of terror. The specter […]

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Featured Course: Ancient Science and Technology

The first recorded observations of comets, solar eclipses and supernovae came from the Chinese. We can thank the Greeks for gears, screws, catapults, and crowbows. The Romans were pioneers in civil engineering and built a highly sophisticated  urban civilization. The ancient Egyptians developed simple machines, such as the ramp, to make the construction process easier (After all, the pyramids weren’t built […]

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