Featured Course: The Beatles: Career, Music, Culture, Innovation, Impact

  Aside from being chart toppers and the greatest pun in music, the Beatles are also one of music’s biggest influences. The “Fab Four” rocked the 1960s and early 70s with a constantly evolving sound. Using elements from classical, pop, rock, and Indian music, among others, the Beatles created a mix of both classic and eclectic hits that still resonate […]

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Featured Course: International Relations

POLI 280 - International Relations

  How did a 38-second video improve diplomatic relations with countries that don’t share a formal alliance with each other? In September 2016, as an act of “public diplomacy” the United States military released a 38-second video meant to address the growing tensions in the Korean Peninsula and emphasize military cooperation between the U.S., Japan, and South Korea. At the […]

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Featured Course: Holocaust Literature

JDST 320

  “On many occasions, we survivors of the Nazi concentration camps have come to notice how little use words are in describing our experiences… In all of our accounts, verbal or written, one finds expressions such as ‘indescribable,’ ‘inexpressible,’ ‘words are not enough.’” – Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levi While words can never fully express the pain of the Holocaust, they […]

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