Featured Course: Holocaust Literature

JDST 320


“On many occasions, we survivors of the Nazi concentration camps have come to notice how little use words are in describing our experiences… In all of our accounts, verbal or written, one finds expressions such as ‘indescribable,’ ‘inexpressible,’ ‘words are not enough.’”

– Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levi

While words can never fully express the pain of the Holocaust, they can be a very powerful tool and help us gain a better understanding of the experiences of Holocaust victims.

Through various mediums such as poetry, drama, and novels JDST 320: Literature of the Holocaust allows students to immerse themselves in fiction and autobiographical stories to further grasp and understand the realities of the Holocaust. Most of the selections relate the Holocaust as it was experienced after the writers translated those experiences into art, including film and video, making their personal tragedies into recognizable truths.

JDST 320: Literature of the Holocaust is a 6-weeks course during Summer Session I.

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