Featured Course: Media Literacy

Summer 2015 – Media Literacy How do you use Facebook? Some people use it to discuss politics, sports, or post their favorite pet videos. In MCS 101, you’ll use Facebook to develop your own media literacy skills. Explore net neutrality, bias in the news industry, and viral media. Analyze the value of Wikipedia, as well as the economic, social, legal, […]

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Featured Course: Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies

Summer 2015 – Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies Let’s talk about sex! GWST/AMST 210: Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary look at sexuality–in history, media, politics, and personal life. Explore the wide world of sexuality, including the origins of heterosexuality as an identity, the global history of lesbianism, the feminist porn wars, the criminalization of LGBT people in […]

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Featured Course: Neuroscience of Resilience

Summer 2015 – Neuroscience of Resilience “Resilience” through the “Mind-Body” Connection …How life stress affects our health and well-being thru brain mechanisms …How can two people experience the same stress or trauma, and one emerges ‘unscathed’ while the other lapses into depression? …Why do identical twins with the same DNA have different personalities and develop different vulnerability for diseases triggered […]

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