Winter Session 2017 Political Science Roundup

Political Science

  According to the U.S. Election Project, a whopping 41.9 percent of eligible voters did not go to the polls during the most recent presidential election. And despite recently overtaking the baby boomers as the largest voting-age demographic, citizens ages 18-24 have consistently had the lowest voter turnout of all age groups over the past several presidential elections. Elections have consequences, […]

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Tuition Remission for Faculty & Staff

UMBC Tuition Remission

Tuition remission is available during Winter Session 2017 (January 3 – 27) for eligible UMBC faculty and staff, as well as their spouses and dependents. As an additional benefit, mandatory fees associated with course registration (i.e., the winter session fee and auxiliary facilities fee) will be remitted for UMBC faculty/staff taking courses at UMBC. If you’ve always wanted to take a […]

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Featured Course: The Human Organism

  In a world where cancer is the leading cause of death and infectious disease is an ongoing epidemic in multiple countries, we need to be aware of how our bodies function and what makes them dysfunction. We need to learn healthy practices so that we can take any precautions necessary in order to take care of our bodies. This summer, BIOL 106: The Human […]

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