Featured Course: Introduction to Scientific Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning

  Register for PHIL 248: Introduction to Scientific Reasoning and discover what guides your judgement and how you reason. How do you decide on a course of action? What logical process do you take to form a conclusion? In PHIL 248, students discuss several fascinating issues, including deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and the justification of inductive inferences, examples of inductive reasoning, the nature of science and its […]

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Featured Course: Child Developmental Psychology

Child Developmental Psychology

From crawling to walking, cooing to talking, child development has become a popular area of study that is still revealing new discoveries every day. Imagine being able to enter the mind of a child and see the world through their eyes. In PSYC 200: Child Developmental Psychology students study age-related cognitive, social and emotional behavior, focusing on theories of development during infancy […]

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Featured Course: Life – Introduction to Modern Biology

Life: Introduction to Modern Biology

  This January, fulfill your Science Plus Lab general education requirement (GEP) requirement with BIOL 109: Life – Introduction to Modern Biology and discover the basic biological concepts and components of nature. This is a lab-driven course in which students take a more hands-on approach to learn about the nature of DNA, heredity, human genetics, and the process of mutation. This course also […]

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Math & Science GEPs

Math Science GEPs

This January, complete your Science (non-lab), Science (plus lab) or Math GEP requirements. Talk with your academic adviser about what options are the best for you. STAT 121 TuTh 6:30pm – 8:30pm (hybrid) STAT 121 introduces students to the fundamental statistical methods common to social science applications. Examine topics ranging from descriptive statistics, elementary probability theory, concepts of sampling and […]

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Featured Course: Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

What could be more fascinating than the human mind and its disorders?  PSYC 285: Abnormal Psychology explores mental, emotional and personality dimensions, as well as current diagnostic schemes, causes, and treatment and prevention issues. Dr. Anderson is a clinical psychologist who brings rich clinical experience to the classroom, fostering personal understanding and critical thinking about important mental health problems. How is disorder different […]

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