Featured Course: The Human Organism

  In a world where cancer is the leading cause of death and infectious disease is an ongoing epidemic in multiple countries, we need to be aware of how our bodies function and what makes them dysfunction. We need to learn healthy practices so that we can take any precautions necessary in order to take care of our bodies. This summer, BIOL 106: The Human […]

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Featured Course: Women, Gender, and Law

  As the Presidential election approaches, gender inequality has taken center stage. Both Democratic nominee-hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have highlighted this inequality throughout their campaigns, a discrimination that exists in employment and education, legal issues relating to reproduction and personal life, and the response of criminal law to issues affecting women, including domestic violence, rape, and prostitution. GWST 338 – Women, Gender […]

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Featured Course: American Culture in Global Perspective

AMST 352

  Facebook. Fast food. The TV show Friends. The consumable objects and activities that make up what we call popular culture or consumer culture circle the globe millions of times every day. In the process, they carry images of “the good life” recognized around the world as the American Dream, both shaping and reflecting the complex technological, political and economic […]

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