Featured Course: Holocaust Literature

JDST 320

  “On many occasions, we survivors of the Nazi concentration camps have come to notice how little use words are in describing our experiences… In all of our accounts, verbal or written, one finds expressions such as ‘indescribable,’ ‘inexpressible,’ ‘words are not enough.’” – Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levi While words can never fully express the pain of the Holocaust, they […]

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Featured Course: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCY 321: Race and Ethnic Relations

  Today in the United States, we celebrate Beyonce as Queen Bey and have elected a black man to be president twice. At the same time, however, movements like #OscarsSoWhite and #BlackLivesMatter have sparked a nationwide conversation about race and equality. These contrasting examples of success and failure embody how complex discrimination, inequality, and racism are deeply seeded in our nation’s […]

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Featured Course: Korean Films

  Earn your GEP Culture credit this summer as you analyze and discuss how films reflect the challenges within Korean society and culture. MLL 315: Images of Society in Contemporary Korean Films allows you the opportunity to dive deep into another culture and expand your knowledge and understanding of various customs. Taught in English, MLL 315 requires no previous knowledge of the […]

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Featured Course: Introduction to the Black Experience

AFST 100 - Introduction to the Black Experience

AFST 100: Introduction to the Black Experience helps students to understand the black experience in the African Diaspora. The course covers current and historical events, the historical and sociocultural ties that link people of African descent, and the economic, cultural, and political challenges confronting people of African descent in the twenty-first century. AFST 100 is a 4-week, online course that fulfills […]

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