Featured Course: Studies in Visual Culture (Prehistory through the 1750s)

  Nintendo looked to the prehistoric civilization of Jomon as inspiration for its newest game in The Legend of Zelda series: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Intricate flame-like patterns, one of Jomon’s signifying visual features, can be found all over the game on guardian robots, in dungeons, and on Link’s Sheikah Slate. Another relic from the Jomon era, […]

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Featured Faculty: Greg Ealick

Greg Ealick

  “Workplaces are like other places; some conflict is inevitable. The person who can shape that conflict constructively tends to win it.” Over the course of his 25-year teaching career, the one thing that Philosophy Lecturer Greg Ealick has noticed about students is their ability to express and defend their personal thoughts – a skill Ealick believes will be incredibly […]

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Featured Course: Urban Anthropology

  Public art has become an essential feature to urban life. It has progressed from street art mislabeled as graffiti to a variety of sculptures, statues, and murals that convey the character of a neighborhood or city. Public art has recently become the focus of both city planners and nonprofit organizations because of its power to transform or preserve a […]

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The Lion Brothers Building & Discover Baltimore!

Lion Brothers Building

  Get off campus (and earn credits!) this summer as you immerse yourself in Baltimore’s unique history, art, politics, and culture.   Lion Brothers Building The historic Lion Brothers Building is the home for UMBC’s new downtown classroom near the University of Maryand’s campus. Built in 1886, the 131 year-old factory building is one of Hollins Market’s oldest residents. After […]

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