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HIST 411 - Baltimore Heritage


Baltimore is home to many sites tied to important moments in American history. From the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry, which inspired the Star Spangled Banner, to the Edgar Allen Poe house, to the Pratt Street Riot at Camden Yards that lead to the first casualties of the Civil War.

This summer, students will have the opportunity to tell stories about Baltimore’s history in HIST 411: Public History Methods – Explore Baltimore Heritage. Using research, writing, and visual design skills, students will create compelling short stories about a historic site in Baltimore of their choosing. These stories will be featured on the Explore Baltimore Heritage website and app, to be enjoyed by residents, students, and visitors. This service learning opportunity is supported by Baltimore Heritage, a local nonprofit advocate for historic preservation and heritage education, and a variety of neighborhood-based partner organizations.

HIST 411 is a course offered during Summer Session I. HIST 411 is open to all majors. Prior HIST course prerequisite requirements will be waived for this class. For a waiver, please contact Carla Ison at ison@umbc.edu.

Classes will be held at the Lion Brothers Building in Baltimore. More information, including transportation options, can be found on the Special Programs website.

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