Featured Course: Women, Gender, and Law

  As the Presidential election approaches, gender inequality has taken center stage. Both Democratic nominee-hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have highlighted this inequality throughout their campaigns, a discrimination that exists in employment and education, legal issues relating to reproduction and personal life, and the response of criminal law to issues affecting women, including domestic violence, rape, and prostitution. GWST 338 – Women, Gender […]

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Featured Course: Introduction to the Black Experience

AFST 100 - Introduction to the Black Experience

AFST 100: Introduction to the Black Experience helps students to understand the black experience in the African Diaspora. The course covers current and historical events, the historical and sociocultural ties that link people of African descent, and the economic, cultural, and political challenges confronting people of African descent in the twenty-first century. AFST 100 is a 4-week, online course that fulfills […]

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Summer Student Poll: What do You Love about Campus in the Summer?

  For Summer Session 2016, we hit the streets and began polling students (online and in-person) about various aspects of campus life. Recently, we asked students a simple question, “What do you love about campus during the summer?” We received numerous great responses, but with 48% of the votes, the thing students love most about UMBC during the summer is (Drum roll, please)……More Available Parking! Despite 7,250 parking spaces […]

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Featured Faculty: Bambi Chapin

  “Exceptional” and “Excellent” are just two words that describe Dr. Bambi Chapin, an associate professor of Anthropology here at UMBC, says two of her former students, Daniel C. and Ruhma S. “I have been a student of Dr. Chapin since my first semester at UMBC, and after four years, the positive impact that this professor and mentor has had on my academic […]

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