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Do you love to read? Are you fascinated by the works of both classic and modern authors? Do you want to learn more but aren’t sure where to start? This summer session, try ENGL 210 – Introduction to Literature.

Reading has been proven to reduce stress by as much as 68%. It also benefits our memory, concentration, and critical thinking skills. Reading can help us to better understand human emotions, builds our writing and communication skills, and can help us identify the historical and cultural trends of our society.

Literature, however, is more than just reading. Literature builds experiences. It allows us to explore far away places and fantasy lands. We are able to travel through the past, present, and future without ever leaving our seat. We study literature not just for the pleasure of reading but to also develop skills that will benefit us throughout our lives.

ENGL 210 introduces students to the major genres of literature – prose, poetry, and drama, while also connecting the literature with students’ own experiences. The course is open to all students who wish to explore literature – novels, stories, poems, plays/films and creative essays – of the modern era.

ENGL 210 is a six-week course offered during summer session II, and it fulfills the Arts & Humanities GEP requirement.

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