Featured Course: Studies in Popular Culture

Popular Culture

What do Netflix, Scandal, Twitter and Street Fighter all have in common? They’re all part of the mass-mediated universe of celebrities, film, television, and video games that make up American popular culture. In AMST 325: Studies in Popular Culture, students explore this mass-mediated universe in to examine the many ways that it shapes how Americans see their world and themselves.

This course focuses on the interplay of the popular arts and American society, using American studies interdisciplinary methodologies. Emphasis will be placed on the modern era from the 1890’s to the present, with greatest weight placed upon mass and popular culture of the last quarter of this century.

AMST 325 is offered during the 2016 Winter Session at the UMBC-Shady Grove (USG) campus in Rockville, Maryland, and fulfills a general education requirement (GEP). USG courses are open to all UMBC students during winter session.

One lower-level social sciences or humanities course focused on American society or culture is recommended preparation for this course.

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