Featured Faculty: Dr. Robert Anderson

Dr. Robert Anderson


“My best teaching memories involve students writing or visiting after graduation, to talk about life, how their learning stuck, or changed their thinking in salubrious ways.”

– Dr. Robert Anderson

I began teaching in 1975 and have been at UMBC since 1987. I would describe my teaching style as collaborative, focusing on personal understanding, critical thinking, and real life application.  I strive to create a classroom environment that is engaging, scholarly, and real, encouraging critical thinking about everything.

Winter Session 2018

At just four weeks, winter session is a challenging format for student and professor, but can also be very rewarding.  Students in my classes probably return for other classes as much as they do because, in addition to disabusing themselves of popular misconceptions, they tend to grow in dialectical thinking and personal values clarification, which is very rewarding for everyone.

“Students should understand that Winter Session is one-third the time of a regular semester, yet we cover the same material – so demands are intense, requiring substantial diligence and commitment to attending every class.”

This winter I am teaching PSYC 285 – Abnormal Psychology, which offers a unique collaborative learning experience with lots of personal and clinical examples, and clinical and real-world applications.  PSYC 285 fulfills the Social Sciences GEP.

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