Featured Course: Race & Ethnic Relations

“Hard discussions in a safe space…” Race & Ethnic Relations provides a platform for open and supported discussion about what the country, and often the world, is talking about now. The course focuses on current events and relevant issues, and offers a perspective that will broaden and enlighten your thinking. Topics include major court cases (Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardener) as […]

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Featured Course: Women, Gender & Law

This summer, examine the role that gender plays in the U.S. legal system and how the legal rights of women are addressed, from the effects of gender-based stereotypes, to the status of women in the legal profession. Explore current issues such as domestic violence, LGBT rights, transgender rights, race, masculinity, and the police state, including the Freddie Gray case in […]

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Featured Course: Intro to Media & Communication Studies

What do cave paintings, clay tokens, the Gutenberg Bible, Snapchat, and Yik Yak all have in common? Find out in Summer Session II. Introduction to Media & Communication Studies (MCS 222) uses directed readings, videos, social media content and interactive activities to provide critical and historical perspectives on the evolution of human communication. You’ll learn how the evolving ways people […]

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